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Year 2 | Lamp for User Persona | 1/2 Sem Project | 2020

DSID 123 Exploded.jpg
White Room


Tailored Appeal

This lamp design is tailored towards a given user persona.

Meet The Persona

Tampered Rapper.png
  • Name: OG $avage

  • Age: 28

  • Location: Brooklyn, NY

  • Occupation: Rapper


Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 6.52.18 AM
Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 6.53.13 AM
Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 6.53.22 AM
Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 6.52.28 AM
Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 6.53.00 AM

Matching the Aesthetic

LAMP Sketches (WIX).png

My ideations are based upon unique structures to match the user persona’s edgy and luxurious appeal.

Most of the ideation drawn here are made in parts so that the user can explore and play around with the lamp rather than sitting passively.

Modeling It Out


Made mockups out of paper, styrofoam poster board, and cardboard to test out lamp designs.


Decision Making

As I developed more concepts, I finally found a design that included all three mockups shown above.

I implemented the twist factor from the first mockup, cubed like structure from the second mockup, and the stacked planks with a light tube going through it from my third mockup.


The refined mockup is shown to the left of this text.

After, I found dimensions from my mockup, I built the model in Solidworks to save time and resources.


The Ultimate Look

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 8.31.30 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 8.31.13 AM.png
  • This final lamp model is made specifically for the rapper known as “OG $avage.”

  • I chose the material aluminum alloy 3003 to ensure durability and added a rough texture to match the rapper’s edgy and minimalistic style.

  • The light is powered through induction. So, the table it sits on has to be induction powered. This allows the lamp to sit anywhere on the table wire free.

  • Since all the plates sit on top of each other and into each others’ grooves, it enables the plates to twist to one’s satisfaction.

© 2022 by Evelyn Soewito.

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