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Year 3 | Survival Product for U.S.T. | 4 Months | 2021

Immediate assistance is needed during the occurrence of tsunamis.

Yet first responders cannot attend to everyones' matters causing the increase in casualties.

Comalert is a beacon designed for U.S.T. to alert and direct people located in tsunami prone areas.

The intention is to create an intuitive beacon that decreases the amount of casualties and offers people a sense of security through communication features and haptic feedback for alerts and directions.

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What is U.S.T?


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Manufactures Survival equipment

Brand Aesthetic

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ft. Tsunamis

What is it?

Natural disaster caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions under the sea

Area of Concern

  • Many Casualties

  • Loss of Shelter

  • Diseases

  • Destroyed ecosystem

  • Lack of boats for first responders to utilize

  • In need of higher elevation altitude for evacuation within the area

  • How might we lessen the amount of casualties?

  • What if we could attend to people's matters in a more efficient manner?

  • In what ways may we design to ensure greater safety? _


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Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Screen 4

Wire Frame Arranged.png

UST Beacon Functions

  • Light indicator in the center of the beacon displays 3 colors

    • Green = coast clear (safe to roam)

    • Blue = warning (tsunami may occur)

    • Red = immediate evacuation (tsunami is in occurrence & everyone must find higher elevation


  • Screen 1: Displays & announces nearest highest elevation incase of tsunami as well as time

  • Screen 2: Built-in haptic feature to help the user (blind user) to walk in the right direction

  • Screen 3: Radio transmitter channels to connect to other devices without the use of wi-fi

  • Screen 4: Audio button to communicate with each other in search for coordinate & assistance

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