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Year 3 | Design & Meaning for Smaller, Better Living | 2 Months | 2022

Light fixtures are something humans interact with everyday.

Yet it fills up quite a bit of space when it is placed in a cramped room.

Lüminō is a space-conscious light alternative for smaller living spaces that has built in speakers to liven up a small area.

The intention is to create a light and speaker that increased floor space while having subtle features that blend into one's living space.

Hourglass (Light Bulb).6.png

Lüminō's Meaning

Lüminō is a Latin word that is derived from the word Lumen. Lumen directly translates to "small lamp or light". The reason why I chose this word is because this small lamp can bring physical light and "light" into people's lives. 

What is it?

Illuminated Rock

Half Speaker & Half Lamp.

Why This Concept?

I found that smaller living spaces were often dark on the inside and wanted to lighten up the atmosphere.

People living in small spaces may want a more balanced sound system, but does not have the space for it.

I've noticed that in most households, the walls are not utilized much, so I found opportunity there.

What I Implemented

Asset 13
Asset 12
Asset 3
Asset 4
Asset 2


The New Dispersion of Light and Sound.

Hourglass (Speaker and Light).4.png

Disperses light and sound in different areas of a room to amplify the two in a more efficient and compact manner for smaller living spaces.

Hourglass (Detached Speaker and Light).5.png

Wirelessly charges on a dock platform that is mounted to the wall.

Context Shot.png
Hourglass (Bottom Side).10.png
Hourglass (Light and Speaker with NEW Mount).7.png
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