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Year 2 | Headphone for a Brand | 2 Months | 2020-2023 (Revised)

Headphones are statement pieces that enable humans to listen to all types of sounds wherever and whenever.

The goal of this project is to customize a headphone based on a brand's aesthetic.

Immerse is a personalized headphone that matches Sonos's simple and minimalistic features.

The intention is to tailor a headphone for Sonos and capture the look and feel of its aesthetic.

Sonos Headphone (Top).1.png
SONOS Inspiration (WIX).jpeg

The Brand I Chose.

What is Sonos?

It is a manufacturer of audio products that is known for its wireless speakers and home sound system.

Idea Behind Their Product

Brings quality sound to every home through the use of wireless technology.

Uses an achromatic color scheme to fit every household in order to offer a more homely feel.

Implements simple, smooth, glossy/matte, and touch and gesture controls (no protruding buttons)

SONOS logo.png

Help the World Listen Better.

Sonos Headphone (Top Perspective) G.3.png

Immerse. A Sonos inspired headphone.

Assembly Animation.

Sonos Headphone (Tilted) G.2.png

Angled ear pieces to better fit the human ear.

Sonos Headphone (Tilted Side View) G.1.png

Ear pieces rotate to comfort in both directions.

curved arrow_edited.png
Sonos Headphone (Folded) with gray background.4.png

Foldable to make compact.

Sonos Headphone (All Sideways View) G.1.png

Wirelessly charged for convenience.

An immersive experience.

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